Leadspace Update Provides New Predictive Company Targeting

Published: January 14, 2014

Leadspace unveiled a targeting feature designed to help B2B marketers and sales teams more accurately target companies that are most likely to purchase.

The application mines the web for targeted social indicators such as products and technologies already being used in the company. Leadspace’s predictive lead targeting system filters, segments and scores prospective companies based on their purchase likelihood. The capability is part of the latest version of Leadspace’s SaaS platform.

As a result, company officials say B2B marketers and inside sales teams can more accurately identify the companies, and ultimately the individuals within them, who are most valuable to maximize lead-gen ROI.

“Predictive lead targeting enables you to tap into the social conversations going on among individuals within your targeted companies, including job listings, news and more,” said Leadspace co-founder and VP Products Amnon Mishor. “Based on your ideal customer profile, our automated scoring algorithm identifiesthe specific organizationsthatare likely the most open to hearing about your solution, thereby significantly increasing conversions.”

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In addition to the new company targeting feature, the latest release of Leadspace also includes broader integration with the Marketo marketing automation suite, an expanded company description in the prospecting tool that now indicatesthe products and technologies used by the company and a full company description, plus on-demand usage statistics to show which users are most active.



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