LiveHive Adds Predictive Benchmarking Tools

Published: April 7, 2014

LiveHive has launched Insights 2.0, a sales acceleration solution designed to provide sales professionals with detailed, real-time information on prospect engagement.

The update to LiveHive’s analytics platform is designed to provide inside sales professionals with the tools necessary to find warm leads and ultimately close deals faster. With the new release comes three new features:

  • Opportunity Ranking, a predictive benchmarking tool that ranks leads based on engagement activity;

  • Sales Coverage, which generates maps that show which prospects are engaging, where and from which social network, link or email address; and

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  • PowerPoint insights, which enables sales professionals to drag and drop PowerPoint presentations into the LiveHive platform, share them with prospects and see which slides have been viewed and for how long. 

Using the LiveHive sales acceleration platform, sales professionals can create their own email campaigns, track who views and shares information, and evaluate and adjust techniques based on real-time feedback and prospect engagement.
“How businesses sell is fundamentally shifting and the demand for inside sales professionals has spiked over 50% above last year,” said LauraLee Lilyquist, VP of Marketing at LiveHive. “Today, customers do their own product research and don’t touch sales departments until they’re nearly 60% of the way through the sales process. Sales teams require tools to help them adapt to the self-informing customer and LiveHive aims to be a multi-functional and insightful sales solution for them.”

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