LoopFuse Custom Events Dashboard Offers Individual User Engagement Functionality

Published: November 15, 2011

“SaaS companies now have the ability to automatically respond to end-users based on their behavior within their application,” said Tom Elrod, CTO, LoopFuse. “This can include help emails when inactivity is detected, reinforcing the value proposition of a particular feature, or even alerting the sales team when there is a noticeable increase in user activity during a trial.”

Paid LoopFuse OneView accounts can utilize the Custom Events Dashboard to bring the same level of visibility and interactivity that exists prior to user registration inside the actual application. Sending a user helpful content when they abandon a product at a critical moment or fail to complete a task that will reveal significant value can make all the difference between retention and churn.

“With the LoopFuse Custom Events Dashboard, SaaS companies can now act upon user information at the individual level,” said Sean Dwyer, CEO of LoopFuse. “This is a natural extension of our marketing automation expertise as we are enabling products to do the actual marketing based on user activity inside an application.”

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