Mariana Launches Demand Gen Platform, Raises $2 Million In Funding

Published: March 1, 2016

Mariana, debuted its new B2B demand generation platform today, designed to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to recruit buyers before identifying a personalized sales approach. The company also recently received $2 million in funding led by Bruce Taragin, Managing Director at Blumberg Capital.

The solution intends to combine persona-based and account-based marketing, while also leveraging tools to automate unstructured data processing tasks and form buyer personas. The platform positions users to identify new prospects and target them on all marketing channels, including Facebook and Twitter posts.

Mariana is available to customers via two product offerings: ProspectIQ, which analyzes a client’s existing customer database against real-time data to identify new prospects; and Conversion IQ, which can clean prospect lists and remove unqualified leads while enabling users to run personalized nurture campaigns for remaining prospects.

“With Mariana, clients can find buyers and influencers that they did not know existed and then convert at 10x the rate and at half the price they are used to,” said Venkat Nagaswamy CEO and Co-Founder of Mariana, in a statement. “This is made possible through the automatic persona creation enabled by Deep Learning. Our easy-to-use and actionable platform is the one-stop shop B2B marketers have been looking for.”

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