Marketo Releases Third-Party App Integration Framework

Published: October 31, 2012

Marketing automation vendor Marketo today announced that it has released a new framework for linking third-party applications to its core marketing software platform.

The framework, called Webhooks, is described by the company as a “push technology” that links Marketo to customer-facing and sales applications. Buyer behavior tracked using the Marketo platform, for example, could be leveraged via Webhooks to trigger a new product-activation code for a customer, send an SMS notification to a sales rep, serve a personalized banner ad, or perform other real-time tasks.

“With Webhooks marketers can now use Marketo as the central nervous system for all their customer facing applications,” said Robin Bordoli, VP partner ecosystem at Marketo. “When buyers interact with the Marketo campaigns, all other transaction or engagement systems will be able to know about this interaction and react accordingly with the right message or offer at the right time to the right buyer.”

Marketo is launching Webhooks in conjunction with its recently announced Marketing Nation initiative, which includes the development of customer best-practices templates, a partner ecosystem, and other community-driven programs for Marketo’s customers.

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