Marketo Unveils Expanded ABM Offerings, New UI At Marketing Nation Summit

Published: April 25, 2017

Marketo announced new features to its ABM offering designed to better align marketing and sales teams on account data, as well as enhance account engagement across channels. The company also unveiled new user interface (UI) updates to its marketing engagement platform, which the company states will help customers better analyze and leverage behavioral data obtained through their marketing initiatives.

Unveiled at the company’s annual Marketing Nation Summit in San Francisco, Marketo’s ABM expansion features Account Insight, which is designed to provide great visibility and alignment between marketing and sales. Marketo said these new features will give customers  the ability to view the following via Marketo or a web plugin:

  • A salesperson’s account list prioritized by enhanced account scoring, designed to help reps focus time and resources on accounts that are ready to engage; and
  • Real-time visibility into account and contact activity, such as event registrations, white paper downloads and more, to engage target accounts in a personalized way and at the right moment.

“If you don’t have the accurate picture of your target account, you may end up pitching to the wrong guy,” said Cheryl Chavez, Group VP of Product Management for the User Experience at Marketo, during her keynote session at the event. “The Account Insight plugin enables sales to work closely with marketing to get more done quickly, while providing account engagement details such as ‘best bets’ for [potential stakeholders] that can help move the deal down the line.”

The company also unveiled the creation of the Alliance for ABM Success, a consortium of experienced ABM leaders who have come together to help companies adopt, implement and succeed with ABM. In addition to Marketo, other founding members include Digital Pi, Elixiter, LeadMD, Fathom and Perkuto.

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Along with the company’s expanded ABM features, Marketo also highlighted an updated UI intended to make reporting and attribution easily digestible for everyone within the marketing department.

Some of the new UI features include:

  • Auto-update features to the solution’s Tree View, which keep available content up to date;
  • Bulk actions on assets to speed up approval processes and de-scheduling initiatives for trigger campaigns and landing pages; and
  • Adaptive campaign features, which leverage the company’s AI initiatives through Project Orion to automatically suggest changes to campaigns based on past engagement.

“You’ll notice a consistent look and feel that will make using it a breeze,” Chavez said. “Marketo has always allowed you to define how and why. Now you can make campaigns adaptive by content, channels and cadence.”

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