Mediafly Launches Hub To Personalize The Content Experience

Published: July 8, 2020

Mediafly, a sales enablement technology provider, announced Mediafly Content Hub for its solution suite, intending to provide marketers with the ability to manage and share personalized sales content for engagement at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

The Content Hub is designed as an all-in-one solution, allowing businesses to automatically highlight relevant content for optimal distribution. This will also allow marketers to help buyers make an informed decision by tailoring the content to individuals’ needs.

The solution aims to provide:

  • Sales and demand generation content managed in one location that’s automatically shared across different channels;
  • Personalized content based on buyer behavior signals and firmographics provided by 6sense; and
  • Detailed analytics about buyer content consumption, providing a holistic view of page views, time spent on each page, shares and more.

The Content Hub positions marketers to optimize their content and generate better prospects for sales and boost revenue for their businesses.

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“Until now, sales enablement platforms largely supported buyer engagement later in the sales process, after buyers conducted their own research and consequently, formed their own brand opinions,” said Carson Conant, CEO of Mediafly, in a statement. “With Content Hub, Mediafly solves for the disjointed and incongruous sales content experience with rich, interactive sales content that connects buyers and sellers with the most personalized, dynamic, engaging, consistent sales content experience during the entire journey. In an increasingly remote landscape, companies that recognize the value of content in the totality of the buyer journey will close more deals and win against the competition.”

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