Metadata Lands New Acquisition, Reactful

Published: September 8, 2022, an AI-powered marketing operations platform, acquired Reactful, a web optimization and personalization platform for digital marketers. This new acquisition aims to help B2B marketers convert existing site traffic to revenue, marking a milestone in the company’s growth following its $40 million series B funding round earlier this year.

Reactful will be integrated into Metadata’s Marketing Operating System to help expand its offering beyond paid advertising and reduce time wasted on manual and repetitive tasks. With help from Reactful’s technology, Metadata customers will hopefully gain a better understanding of engaging with target accounts on their website, personalizing that experience and augmenting their programs leading to greater ROI.

“As a 2X customer and stakeholder of Reactful, I witnessed the impact of personalizing the buying journey,” said Gil Allouche, CEO of Metadata, in a statement. “It’s now vital that world-class website experiences be the norm and have a level of visibility to laser target and drive substantial conversion uplift. At Metadata, we already optimize every stage of the ad process to reduce the amount of manual effort on the hands of B2B marketers today. With Reactful’s personalization engine, Metadata’s customers can provide a unique end-to-end experience based on the visitor (prospect, customer), the content they consume, or their stage in the buying journey. This is one of our first major steps towards building the Marketing Operating System for B2B, delivering value outside of just paid ads for our customers.”

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