New Research: Knowing How Buyers Consume, Interact With Content Generates Higher Conversions

Published: August 21, 2018

B2B companies that focus on understanding how prospects and customers consume and interact with content are positioned to generate 8x more views and 7x higher conversions, according to a new Content Experience Report by Uberflip. The inaugural report, released at ConEx 2018, taking place in Toronto, Canada August 21-22, aims to shine a light on the current impact of content experiences on key B2B marketing metrics.

Key findings from The Content Experience Report include:

  • Putting content in more places results in 8x more views;
  • Applying CTAs overtop of content drives a 7x higher conversion rate; and
  • AI-powered content recommendations lead to visitors being 60% more likely to consume more content.

“Over the past six years, we’ve been advocating for the content experience and the vital role it plays in establishing meaningful relationships with customers,” said Yoav Schwartz, CEO and Co-founder of Uberflip, in a statement. “With the issuing of this report, we finally have the evidence to support the impact and results achievable for most marketers when they focus on their content experience.”

To complement the report, Randy Frisch, Uberflip’s CMO, unveiled The Content Experience Framework during his keynote presentation at ConEx. The purpose of the five-step framework is to guide marketing professionals to engage prospects with personalized experiences at every stage of the buyer journey, according to the company. The framework consists of the following steps:

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Step 1: Centralize Content (videos, blogs, E-books, infographics, slide decks);

Step 2: Organize Content (audit content, tag content, organize by context, build navigation);

Step 3: Personalize Experiences (resource center, nurture campaigns, ABM campaigns, prospect outreach);

Step 4: Distribute Content (email, organic, social, direct mail); and

Step 5: Generate Results (capture leads, score leads, prove ROI).

But according to Frisch, “the problem is that we skip over a lot of [these steps]. We create the content then we skip over to ‘what’s the ROI?’”

“Marketers realize the importance of personalizing content for their audiences, but they often struggle with how to go beyond a couple of experiences,” said Frisch. “The Content Experience Framework is designed to ensure marketers can scale the delivery of content whether the goal is 1:1 or 1:many.”

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