ON24 Introduces Prospect Engagement Profile

Published: June 29, 2017

1aPEPWebinar marketing platform ON24 launched its Prospect Engagement Profile, which is designed to translate webinar engagement into intelligence. This is intended to help marketers better understand a customer’s buying intent and deliver that knowledge to their sales counterparts.

The Prospect Engagement Profile aims to transform prospect and customer engagement into actionable insights.

The Profile helps B2B buyers:

  • Advance marketing and sales alignment;
  • Enable more successful sales conversations; and
  • Improve customer experiences.

“As CMOs, it’s our responsibility to partner with sales leadership and make sure we’re all working from the same view of the customer,” said Joe Hyland, CMO of ON24 in a statement. “Sharing all the customer insights that qualify a lead and putting them at the fingertips of our salespeople is an important first step toward reaching that goal. Only then will we align our organizations to meaningfully engage our customers and win their business.”

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