ON24 Launches RevNEXT Marketplace To Educate Marketers On Revenue Growth

Published: November 20, 2020

Digital experience platform provider ON24 has launched a virtual platform called RevNEXT Marketplace, which aims to educate B2B marketers about modern solutions and strategies to help them improve their revenue generation.

The RevNEXT Marketplace contains virtual booths that showcase best practices in customer engagement, orchestration, content curation and more, with companies such as Demandbase, Vidyard, LeanData, Bombora, Sendoso and 6sense providing insights into their revenue strategies. ON24 hopes that the marketplace can help marketers improve their own revenue growth in the digital market with new insights, solutions and strategies.

“For a long time, marketers were measured by the volume of MQLs they handed to sales,” said Tessa Barron, VP of Marketing at ON24, in a statement. “But now, we own the majority of the customer journey, and work hand in hand with sales as one revenue team. Just as our role has evolved, our technology stack must keep pace. That’s why we created the RevNEXT Marketplace: To connect like-minded revenue marketers with the technology ecosystem they need to own revenue.”

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