Optimizely Launches Integrated B2B Commerce & Content Cloud Solution

Published: December 22, 2021

Optimizely, a digital experience platform (DXP), launched an integrated version of its B2B Commerce Cloud and Content Cloud products to help brands reach audiences with more sophisticated content strategies and work more effectively across large teams.

The integration seeks to use the B2B Commerce Cloud as a headless commerce API to make B2B data and capabilities available within the Content Cloud. The combined features enable marketing teams to:

  • Take advantage of B2B-specific features within the B2B Commerce Cloud;
  • Use the Content Cloud to manage all pages, templates, content and website assets;
  • Leverage an out-of-the-box site search engine for products in both Clouds and merge the results;
  • Manage product catalogs in B2B Commerce while having all the products available for use in the Content Cloud; and
  • Build and manage multiple sites in the Content Cloud while leveraging the shared data for customers, products and orders in the B2B Commerce Cloud.

“Optimizely Content Cloud has a long history of providing marketers with extensive tools for content publication and creation of exceptional digital experiences,” said Justin Anovick, Chief Product Officer of Optimizely, in a statement. “With the integration of B2B Commerce Cloud, businesses can extend these tools to B2B customers, enabling the delivery of optimal digital experiences across audiences.”

Optimizely is also releasing a B2B-specific sample site with numerous Content Cloud templates and blocks that seek to accelerate customers’ build time. Users can leverage the provided assets or reference them as examples before customizing their own.

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