PulsePoint Launches Programmatic Content Marketing Platform

Published: July 6, 2015

PulsePoint DashboardPulsePoint released its programmatic content marketing platform, positioning marketers to target, distribute and optimize branded articles and videos to audiences.

The platform taps into PulsePoint’s global programmatic technology stack to enable users to process real-time contextual, audience, editorial and page-level behavioral data. This is designed to help marketers optimize cross-device campaign delivery across social, native and display inventory. PulsePoint is part of the company’s programmatic suite, which includes direct and open real-time bidding solutions.

Key features of PulsePoint’s content marketing platform include:

  • Automated, data-driven targeting for delivery to relevant audiences;
  • Distribution across social media channels, native platforms and premium websites;
  • Optimization technology designed to adjust campaign configurations to eliminate under-performing content, channels and devices;
  • Unified metrics and reporting for performance and engagement metrics at the creative, audience and page-level across each channel and format; and
  • Custom content creation and strategy services are available for brands seeking support in developing original stories and videos.

“Marketers are starting to shift the definition of success away from ‘getting that click’ towards creating a continuous value exchange between their brand and their audience,” said Sloan Gaon, CEO of PulsePoint.

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