Releases ChatGPT-powered Email Assistant, Jason AI

Published: March 14, 2023, a platform that automates business communications, launched Jason AI, an AI-powered conversational assistant built on OpenAI’s ChatGPT API, to help speed up email outreach processes and scale personalized communication. 

Using natural language processing algorithms, Jason AI is designed to identify specific keywords and phrases and recognize the intention of the received reply, such as “interested,” “not interested” or “meeting intent.” Based on this analysis, the tool can craft a suggested response and save it as an AI draft. According to a statement from Oleg Bilozor, Founder and CEO of, Jason AI can:

  • Create an entire outreach sequence that encompasses the initial email, follow ups and social touches based on a short prompt;
  • Suggest other channels — such as SMS, WhatsApp or LinkedIn — and reach out to prospects on the user’s behalf; and
  • Help book meetings by sending a scheduling link in the case of an interested response.

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