Sailes Releases Sailebot 2 To Help Increase Prospecting Efficiency

Published: March 8, 2024

Sailes, an AI-powered sales prospecting provider, debuted Sailebot 2, an autonomous AI system designed to eliminate manual tasks in favor of high-value, high-return sales activities. According to the company, the new solution can streamline tasks at 16X the human rate.

Sailebot 2 is designed to manage tasks from data lookup and email validation to content generation and email responses while mirroring the individual personality and sales style of each rep. Specific features include:

  • “Advanced” natural language comprehension, neural networks and multiple transformer models;
  • A Sales Cognition feature that seeks to enable more precise prospecting actions and improved language comprehension; and
  • Multi-layered intelligence through the aggregation of several AI models.

“Salespeople used to spend six hours a day selling and two hours updating their CRM,” said Nick Smith, Founder and CEO of Sailes, in a statement. “They were told it was inefficient. Now, salespeople spend six hours a day in platforms and dashboards and not nearly enough time selling. They’re not doing what they love, they’re not doing what they were hired to do and less business is being closed. Sailebots are digital extensions of salespeople, mirroring their personalities and sales styles and do the prospecting work hands-free. It’s a real-life solution to the age-old problem: ‘I wish there were two of me.’”

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