Salesforce Adds Predictive Nurturing Capabilities To Marketing Cloud

Published: November 18, 2015

Salesforce unveiled Salesforce Marketing Cloud Predictive Journeys, a feature that positions marketers to use data within the Marketing Cloud to predict the next best steps in the customer journey.

“The nurture journey can sometimes be an Achilles’ heel for marketers, as the nurture path is often based on what the marketer, not the buyer, wants to happen next,” said Leslie Fine, VP, Data and Analytics, Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Fine said the feature was developed “to help marketers engage customers in a smarter way by predicting their likelihood to take a specific action. Marketers want technology to tell them who to target, when to target them, through what channels and with what message.”

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Predictive Journeys feature includes:

Predictive Scores, which use data science to learn and score a customer’s likelihood to engage. For example, marketers can use Predictive Scores to determine a customer’s likelihood to open an email, unsubscribe from an email list or make a purchase.

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Predictive Audiences, an audience segmentation tool that unifies customer data by grouping audiences based on their Predictive Scores, creating highly-targeted segments. For example, if a customer has a score indicating a high likelihood to unsubscribe, they can be redirected to a re-engagement journey with content proven to deliver better outcomes.

Marketers collect large amounts of data about prospects and customers, making it difficult to manually segment each record. “With the Predictive Audiences [tool], marketers can segment customers based on true buying intent, not just channel and content preferences,” Fine noted.

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