SpringCM Adds iPad Support To New Version Of Content Management

Published: April 22, 2011

As organizations increasingly look to address the gaps left by standard enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) applications, industry analysts note the need for organizations to provide more consistency, visibility and decision-making tools for knowledge workers.

Traditional enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) approaches can be costly and complex for knowledge workers who accomplish a variety of tasks with fewer resources while possessing organizational knowledge that can’t be explicitly mapped in workflows or business rules.

“There’s a big gap in serving the market between rigid ERP workflows that don’t understand content and cumbersome on-premise ECM,” said Daniel Dosen, VP of Product Management at SpringCM. “In this era of consumerization of IT, the cloud gives us a way to not only to deliver an agile solution for customers, but also to engage with customers and partners in real time on how to best meet the needs of knowledge workers for ease-of-use and productivity. Mobility support with the iPad extends our value even further to help customers put their content to work wherever they need.”

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The latest release is designed to offer a 360° status view to all case participants to improve team and customer communication, productivity and internal collaboration. The new features for dynamic case management build on existing SpringCM cloud content management platform features, including on-ramps to capture content through email, fax, optical character recognition (OCR), and e-forms to automate delivering content to the right case. The tool can be integrated to collect content from multiple repositories and enterprise systems such as salesforce.com, SAP and SharePoint to bring all needed case content to one workspace for case workers. The cloud content repository provides a single place to manage and share case forms, scanned documents, faxes, photos and emails.

“With SpringCM we’ve been able to apply lean concepts to dramatically improve productivity and quality in our student-loan application processing,” noted Joel Weber, CIO of Weber & Associates a SpringCM customer. “With results to date of over 25% reduction in processing time, a 90% reduction in overtime and a 50% reduction in quality control hours with the same quality, we’ve seen the impact dynamic case management can have.”



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