StackAdapt Reveals New Targeting & Measurement Capabilities

Published: May 5, 2023

Quick Scoop:

  • StackAdapt released a self-service solution for ABM targeting and measurement.
  • The new feature seeks to help users target high-value U.S. audiences based on various data sets.
  • Reported benefits include the ability to create and report on campaigns, analyze campaign performance and more.

StackAdapt, a programmatic advertising platform, revealed a self-service, in-platform solution for ABM targeting and measurement. The new feature is designed to help users target high-value audiences in the U.S. based on account lists, firmographic information and persona-level data.

The new offering operates within a closed-loop identity ecosystem to improve match rates so marketers can attribute ad engagement back to authenticated audiences. The measurement solution is built on proprietary, in-house B2B ID graph technology to help users:

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  • Frictionlessly create campaigns and report on them;
  • Activate authenticated audiences faster;
  • Understand how accounts are engaging with campaigns and content to better iterate on campaign performance;
  • Learn what actions accounts are taking at each stage of the programmatic funnel to inform next steps;
  • Discern interested and engaged accounts for prioritization within the sales team; and
  • Reach their ideal audiences on all channels through native, display, video, CTV, audio and in-game advertising.

“We are thrilled to provide StackAdapt users this latest offering because they can now launch a highly scalable and measurable ABM strategy through programmatic technology,” explained Michael Shang, VP of Partnerships and Business Solutions at StackAdapt, in a statement. “B2B marketers can create highly targeted, personalized campaigns to win over best-fit accounts and nurture audiences through the B2B buying journey across all devices and different programmatic channels.”

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