True Influence Unveils InsightBase 4.0 To Monitor Intent Of Buying Groups

Published: May 6, 2019

True Influence, an intent monitoring and demand generation solutions provider, launched InsightBase 4.0 at the SiriusDecisions Summit 2019 in Austin, Texas this week. The enhanced solution is designed to help marketers define buying groups or demand units by customer persona. It is positioned to then automatically identify individuals who match the criteria across any account list or audience segment in a comprehensive B2B contact database.

The InsightBase solution aims to gather hundreds of millions of intent signals daily and leverage natural language processing and AI technologies to ensure these signals accurately identify purchase intent for B2B decision makers. Now, 4.0 positions users to organize their ideal customer personas into buying groups for each specific solution, enabling them to define, identify and begin discovering buying group intent across any account list, target audience or active demand segment.

“People buy in — as SiriusDecisions calls them — ‘Demand Units,’ so we could uncover the Demand Units and expose the people that would be the influencers and decision makers,” said Brian Giese, CEO of True Influence, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “That’s the difference of 4.0: the Demand Unit capability. We’re following SiriusDecisions, who is leading the market in their terminology, and we’re agreeing that that is the way marketers should look at people and companies. We’re exposing those companies that are interested in certain topics and people inside the Demand Unit.”

According to True Influence, 4.0’s advanced analytics and segmentation tools aim to give users visibility into five areas, including:

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  • Intent Contacts: Individuals who match an organizations ICP and exhibit high levels of purchase intent. This positions users to prioritize contacts for sales qualification and outreach.
  • Buying Group Engagement: Users are positioned to identify gaps in buying group reach and determine which groups are most likely in the buying phase.
  • Company and Demand Unit Dashboards: Organizations are positioned to view company summary reports to reveal intent trends exhibited by an account, as well as buying group status and intent.
  • Market-Wide Topical Interest: Users are able to see research interest into their products or solutions in any industry and across companies, locations and personas to get a clear picture of the active market.
  • Segmentation Performance: Users can track the overall intent trends for unlimited target segments based on defines criteria.

“This comprehensive approach to intent data gives marketing and sales a powerful solution to increase revenue by addressing the needs of personas critical to the decision process,” said Kerry Cunningham, Senior Research Director at SiriusDecisions, in a statement. “Marketers with knowledge about how and when members of the buying group engage and interact throughout the buying process can adapt their content, programs and tactics to align with each target persona.”

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