Vocus Adds Automated Workflows, Customized Lead Scoring

Published: March 11, 2014

Vocus, a provider of cloud-based marketing and public relations software, announced its Spring ’14 Vocus Marketing Suite release, including workflow automation and customized lead scoring.

The update was designed to support mid-size and growing businesses with simple and flexible automation tools.

Highlights of the new features include:

Automated workflows that allow users to customize every contact’s experience based on how they are engaging with the business. This automates the repetitive and redundant tasks that marketers face every day, saving time and increasing productivity with accuracy. A yes/no logic flow was incorporated to streamline the process of setting up workflows.

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Lead scoring to increase sales productivity by providing the sales team with leads that are more purchase-ready. Users can set and customize their lead scores by adding intuitive rules. Lead scores can be as simple or complex as a user needs, allowing qualification by one or many rules.

Integration with Salesforce.com provides marketers with effective customer experience control while producing sales-ready leads. It also allows marketers to interact on the same systems as sales without creating duplication errors.

“Growing enterprises need real automation solutions to simplify the core activities that attract quality leads and drive revenue across their multi-channel marketing efforts,” said You Mon Tsang, CMO of Vocus. “We’ve seen that the vast majority of mid-sized businesses did not have the resources or personnel to optimize the automation software available in the market. Vocus’ goal with the update is to bridge this gap by offering an approachable, but comprehensive solution to help bring automation to the masses.”

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