Webinar Highlights Strategies For Sales Development Reps To Accelerate Lead Generation

Published: September 28, 2011

“How BtoB companies structure their SDR team is the issue,” Hekl noted. “Too many masters (are) pulling them into different directions.” 

Hekl compared the attributes of an efficient SDR to those of a bartender — and ultimately their ability to be personable. Reps must be able to empathize and resonate with prospect pain points, like a bartender would his customers. “The first conversation was a big factor for prospects when choosing solutions,” Hekl said.

Hekl highlighted 6 tips for BtoB organizations to keep in mind:

  1. People buy from people they like;
  2. It’s harder than ever to close business;
  3. You need both inbound and outbound tactics;
  4. The SDR role is absolutely critical;
  5. Scarcity drives demand; and
  6. “Leads” is a bad word. Use “opps.”

While the traditional cold call is regarded as an “old school” tactic, BtoB organizations should focus on getting their SDR teams to be more effective on the phone and follow up with prospects. “Marketer should review reports to see what happened with the connections,” Hekl advised. “It’s important to see what happens with the connections. Spend a little money [on training sales].”

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Additionally, Hekl noted, it may be easier for prospects to find solution providers via inbound marketing campaigns, but can costs more time than a simple outbound campaign. “One way or another you’ll need outbound campaigns,” Hekl said. Aside from targeting recapped campaigns, retargeting prospects is another mechanism.

Sales teams shouldn’t wait for prospects to initiate the conversation, Hekl said. But for prospects that have already taken the passive first step, use reengagement as a nudge. It’s critical to keep in mind that prospects are busy, and it’s about being in the right place at the right time.

And The Lead Gen Winner Is… Free Trials!
Segmenting and targeting is a common lead gen tactic to present relevant information to prospects or customers with similar attributes, but Hekl cautioned marketers that utilize target offers should focus on small, well-defined segments and test it for two-to three months to measure success and revise as needed. Gift cards, merchandise with company logos, percentage discounts and free publication copies can help entice prospects to take the initial step. Nonetheless, free trials take the win. There is a huge opportunity and companies that offer free trials have made the mistake of not engaging with prospects after signing up. “Rapid response is huge,” Hekl said. “Being of rapid response during a free trial, you will catch the person at their desk and they will see that you’re diligent and tuned into the needs of your customers. It’s an invitation to engage as well.”

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