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The 2014 Lead Nurturing Benchmarking Study

Shadow DGR DG010 SURV LeadNurture DESIGNIn Demand Gen Report's inaugural Lead Nurturing Benchmarking Study, many B2B marketers report they are leveraging several years of experience in developing lead nurturing campaigns. 71% state that they leverage lead nurturing in their demand generation initiatives, while 19% plan to implement it within the next year. 

Those who have already began using lead nurturing have seen improved campaign response and the ability to deliver more qualified leads to the sales team, among other benefits.  Lead nurturing veterans are now implementing more sophisticated campaigns for even more positive results.

The survey highlights the responses of 239 B2B marketers, revealing trends and best practices including:

  • The key benefits to leveraging lead nurturing;
  • What challenges B2B marketers face while lead nurturing; and
  • What metrics matter the most when measuring lead nurturing success.


Download this study to learn key strategies and best practices for engaging the right prospects at all stages of the buying cycle.