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On The Flipside: How “Flipping the Webinar” Can Enhance Audience Engagement

Shadow DGR DG0018 WBRF Flipped Knowledgevision Feb 2015Webinar attendance is down and those that do show up often leave far before the end — who has 60-minutes (in a row!) to give up in a workday? The same old webinar format has led to attendee fatigue. This brief recap of our recent “Flipping the Webinar,” webinar shows that it might be time to flip your webinars to make them more flexible, timely and engaging.

This webinar brief will show you how to shake up your webinar and “Flip” it from a snoozer to a sizzler including:

  • Splitting the webinar in two, easy-to-digest sessions;
  • Adding features such as video to boost engagement; and
  • Infusing personality to make webinars more attractive, engaging and memorable.

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