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Avoiding The “Silver Bullet Syndrome” of Marketing Automation Software


Five Key Areas Every Company Should Address First to Insure Success

Analysts caution the next wave of adopters of marketing automation to avoid the mistakes of companies who rolled out other enterprise software platforms such as CRM, ERP and WMS, by thinking that technology would magically eliminate their problems. This “silver bullet” pipe dream often causes companies to overlook the underlying problems within their organiza tion — the lack of process behind the technology. This white paper provides the  “5 key areas every company should address” before adopting marketing automation. The paper includes background on the changing behaviors of the BtoB buyer and presents a model for how improving efficiency through process based lead management can substantially increase pipeline metrics.

“While technology enables lead nurturing to convert [prospects] to customers at a lower cost, it is not the complete answer. Those marketers I’ve talked to who have successfully implemented automation treated lead nurturing management as a business-process initiative, not a technology initiative.”

Richard Fouts, Research Director, IT Markets and Channels, Gartner
–BtoB Online


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