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Marketing Analytics

This section highlights tools, functionality and solutions that empower marketers to take a metrics-based approach to campaign management. As analytics become a more significant part of the revenue conversation, emerging measurement tools are a rapidly growing priority for B2B marketers.

Data Is Driving The Next Wave Of Buyer Personas

persona-feature-imageBuyer personas have been a staple of B2B marketing for a number of years. But many B2B marketers lack a formal process for developing personas, and they are still relying on hunches about their target customers rather than data.

As a result, a vast majority (83%) of B2B marketers say that their buyer personas are only "somewhat" effective, according to a study from the ITSMA. While 80% of respondents expected to see higher conversion rates with buyer personas, only 39% saw their conversion rates increase.

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B2B Marketers Must Leverage Actionable Data To Direct The Customer Journey

Marketo webinar placeitWith 70% of the buyer's journey being directed by the customer, progressive B2B marketers are using data to help drive prospects through the funnel more efficiently once they do engage. This was just one of the many topics discussed in a recent webinar hosted by Marketo and Demand Gen Report.

"[Traditionally], marketing was only responsible for making prospects aware of their brand," said Mike Tomita, Senior Marketing Manager at Marketo, during the presentation. "Now, marketing has the responsibility to direct that customer's journey and build that relationship up to a point where the prospect can be handed off to sales."

Leadspace Partners With Madison Logic To Expand Data For B2B Predictive Analytics

Leadspace logoLeadspace has partnered with Madison Logic Data, a move intended to provide Leadspace customers with access to Madison Logic Data’s database of key indicators of B2B buying intent.

The partnership is positioned to provide Leadspace customers with visibility into the topics that target companies and individuals are researching and help them score and prioritize leads.

Altocloud Launches Predictive Communications Platform, Receives $2M In Funding

AltoCloud logoAltocloud launched its predictive communications platform designed to enhance customer sales and engagement with machine learning and real-time communications. The SaaS solution positions users to identify online visitors and offer personalized chat, voice, video and content.

The company also announced it received $2 million in seed funding. The funding, led by Delta Partners, Digicel Group and ACT Venture Capital, brings the company's total funding to $3 million.

B2B Marketers Look To Expand Predictive Capabilities Throughout The Customer Lifecycle

PredictiveMarketingFeature imageWhile it has been a successful tool for top-of-funnel demand generation, predictive marketing is becoming more widely used by B2B marketers to improve engagement at all stages of the buying cycle. Companies such as Salesforce have launched new predictive marketing capabilities within their offerings, aiming to enhance the customer experience throughout the entire customer journey by embedding predictive capabilities within the marketing cloud.

Industry experts noted that the expansion of predictive beyond lead scoring and early-stage demand generation is a growing trend.

"Leaders, especially in marketing, need to be able to extract insights and make predictions based on existing and external data," said Meagan Eisenberg, CMO of MongoDB and former VP of Customer Acquisition and Marketing at DocuSign, in Demand Gen Report's 2015 Marketing Automation Outlook Guide. "Marketers also need to create efficiencies in the follow up of leads using predictive analytics and modeling to create a better scoring methodology to focus on opportunities most likely to turn into customers."

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Oracle Offers New B2B Data Set Through Data Cloud

Oracle logoAs part of its Oracle Data Cloud, Oracle has released a B2B data set designed to increase the amount of information available to B2B marketers to help identify, qualify and target new audiences with relevant cross-channel messaging.

The offering, Oracle Data as a Service (DaaS) for Marketing, was formed in collaboration with several B2B data providers, including Dun & Bradstreet and Madison Logic. The data positions B2B companies to refine their anonymous audience targeting through digital media, as well as enhance their databases with accurate information to enhance messaging and personalization.

Study: Data Analytics Investment Expected To Rise In 2015

On24 logoInvestment into data analytics tools is predicted to increase in 2015, according to a recent study from ON24. The study shows that a majority (97%) of B2B marketers find that using data analytics has shown enhanced results in marketing campaigns, and 87% of respondents stated they plan to increase marketing analytics spend in 2015.

The survey, conducted by Redshift Research, surveyed more than 220 B2B marketers on how marketing analytics are being leveraged within their organizations. The research also examined expectations for Big Data’s role in the workplace.

DataSift Launches Social Analytics Classification Tool

Datasift logoDataSift, a social data technology provider, announced the launch of VEDO FOCUS, which groups real-time social media data into categories based on a taxonomy of a half a million topics.

FOCUS is also positioned to help B2B companies curate, collect and categorize the social data about an industry or interest to create a topic-based stream of data for analysis.

IBM Launches Language-Based Analytics In Beta

ibm-logoIBM announced that Watson Analytics, the company’s language-based service that offers predictive and visual analytics tools, is available now in beta.

A marketing or sales rep can use familiar business terms to source, cleanse and refine data, discover insights, predict outcomes, visualize results, and generate reports.