Pattern89 API Analyzes Digital Marketing Data To Improve Ad Creativity & Performance

Published: July 12, 2021

The Pattern89 API tool from social media marketing platform Pattern89 is designed to provide users with lifetime analytics of their digital marketing data, analyzing various ads, formats, dates and audiences to determine the creative performance of a user’s digital marketing initiatives.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

The platform organizes data sets into consumable analytics reports that compare top-performing ads and formats to help users find effective content that will resonate with their target audiences. The solution is also capable of integrating its AI-powered insights into a user’s existing marketing automation tools, helping them gain actionable data insights on ad performance across its platforms and verticals.

Additional capabilities include:

  • Custom performance dashboards that provide users with a full view of their creative performance’s impact on all funnel stages, demographics and verticals for simplified insights that can help optimize planning.
  • Simplified alerts that allow users to identify the immediate impact of their ads and automatically surface the most impactful campaign updates for increased efficiency; and
  • Advanced performance analytics designed to help marketers understand how their creative initiatives impact ad performance, showcasing how their current ad sets are performing relative to their benchmarks, and automates highly detailed, client-ready reports with AI-powered decisions.

Who It’s For

The solution is designed for creators, analysts and problem-solvers in marketing teams looking to improve their brands’ and agencies’ creativity and ad performance.

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What Makes It Special

Pattern89 API leverages its platform’s AI technology to automate the analysis process, providing insights into ad and campaign creativity and its impact on a user’s target audience.



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