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IBM Unveils New E-Commerce Functions For B2B Companies

ibm-logoIBM announced the launch of IBM B2B Commerce, which is positioned to help B2B organizations deploy digital storefronts with no technical skills or expertise.

IBM B2B Commerce is designed to help B2B companies create buying experiences similar to those found on B2C e-Commerce sites.

Features of the application include:

  • Advanced buyer profiles enable users to preconfigure the latest pricing agreements, internal approval processes and other negotiated entitlements for their company, which can lead to faster customer onboarding and faster time to revenue;
  • Integrated search combined with contract entitlements ensure end customers find the products they need specifically for their business with less reliance on live customer service; and
  • Integrated marketing tools that enable businesses to launch and execute marketing campaigns directly from the platform.


"The rapidly shifting expectations of the customer have created a market-defining opportunity for B2B organizations to transform the way they engage with their clients," said Charles Chu, VP of Products & Strategy, B2B & Commerce, IBM. "IBM is helping clients meet these new demands by bringing new omnichannel capabilities to B2B for the first time to make it easier for customers to purchase the products they need when they need them."