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Tellwise Unveils Its Sales Acceleration Platform

tellwise  logoTellwise, a cloud-based sales acceleration technology provider, unveiled a platform designed to automate the sales lead tracking process and enhance engagement between prospective buyers and the sales rep.

The platform, which is integrated with Salesforce, is positioned to combine email, instant messaging, collaboration, and analytics in one location. It is also intended to deliver highly-focused content that relates and resonates with prospective buyers.

Other features include:

  • A real-time feed of prospect activities as they consume content from any device, even allowing sales reps to join them online when they are ready to ask questions;
  • The ability to target customers while delivering a personalized and private landing page; and
  • Provide detailed analytics of all customer traffic and behavior.


“The buying process — from lead gen to close — has many phases and requirements for both buyers and sellers that increasingly can’t be tackled efficiently by email alone,” said Conrad Bayer, CEO of Tellwise.“Sellers must better manage large numbers of customers, run campaigns, use analytics to understand engagement, and provide real-time collaboration when the buyer gets closer to making the purchase decision.”