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Teradata Announces New Solutions, Partnerships At Annual Summit

  • Written by Alicia Fiorletta, Senior Editor
  • Published in Social & Mobile

Teradata logoAt the annual Teradata Marketing Summit, the data platform, marketing application and consulting services company unveiled several solutions, including a real-time mobile marketing automation and interaction manager, as well as new features within its Digital Messaging Center. 

Teradata has established a strategic partnership with Urban Airship to deliver its mobile marketing solutions through the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud. Customers will now have access to a variety of Urban Airship services, including real-time mobile marketing automation, mobile app messaging and location-based marketing capabilities. Aligning services from the Urban Airship Enterprise Audience Engagement Suite with the Teradata Customer Interaction Manager is expected to help digital marketers deliver more real-time, relevant and responsive mobile experiences.

Teradata also has rolled out Real-Time Interaction Manager (RTIM) version 3.2 to organizations worldwide. The new version is integrated with the tagging-free digital Big Data software from Celebrus Technologies, so organizations can collect digital data from their web site, mobile devices and other channels, and feed it into the RTIM. Data can be integrated with offline information to improve marketing effectiveness.

A host of new features have been added to the Teradata Digital Messaging Center solution, which is a core component of the company’s Digital Marketing Cloud. The messaging center is more tightly integrated with the company’s Campaign Management offering, so all customer data is accessible through a single system. This enables marketers to access embedded predictive analytics and visual reports. Digital Messaging Center users now can leverage the Teradata enterprise data warehouse and analytics capabilities to understand customers across all channels and interaction points. 

In addition to broader integration across its variety of solutions, Teradata also unveiled a new email reporting feature for the Digital Messaging Center called Smart Stats. Using Smart Stats, marketers can easily visualize, analyze and respond to campaign performance in real time. 

Marketing Studio 9, the latest version of the Teradata Marketing Operations solution, is now available to customers worldwide. The solution enables marketers to manage campaigns, spending and internal operations through a single system.