Marseli Revenue Intelligence Provides Predictive Sales And Marketing Reports

Marseli logoMarseli Revenue Intelligence is a predictive revenue intelligence aggregation, analysis and advisory tool for sales and marketing people who struggle with getting actionable insights from their CRM system.


Marseli Revenue Intelligence allows users to transform data into predictive insights to guide front-line decisions and interactions. Marketing and sales teams can also predict what behavior change will have on the company’s revenue performance. This can help boost employee productivity as well as maximize the overall value of a company’s data and processes.

The solution also allows users to identify selling behaviors and data integrity issues before they affect your organization. The app also measures the impact sales behaviors have on marketing campaigns and lead scoring models.


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Competitive Positioning

The strength of Marseli Revenue Intelligence is its predictive methodology and ability to quickly identify behavioral issues as well as provide leading indicator facts before it's too late. The application's unique behavioral insight provides critical leading indicators to manage and improve revenue results.

The system can help companies reach their revenue goals faster by turning dormant SFDC data into actionable insights.

Another unique feature of Marseli Revenue Intelligence is the ability to uncover hidden revenue and marketing risks to help identify potential problems.

More accurate forecasting and planning helps companies stay agile and gain a competitive advantage. 

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