2019 Lead Nurturing & Acceleration Survey Report

With Added Pressures To Improve Acceleration Programs, Marketers Moving Beyond Over Reliance On Emails And Gated Offers

The importance of lead nurturing programs has only heightened in recent years, as more internal stakeholders are added to the consideration process and B2B organizations are putting greater time and attention to reduce risks in their selection process.

However, while marketing teams are increasingly being expected to help heat up lukewarm leads and accelerate passively interested buyers to those ready for sales conversations, the reality is the performance of conventional lead nurture programs has declined over the past two years.

According to our 2019 Lead Nurturing & Acceleration Survey, 60% of respondents gave their current nurture programs a failing grade.

In the following report, we will break down:

  • The specific challenges marketers are seeing related to nurtures;
  • The increased importance content offers are playing in successfully engaging and accelerating leads;
  • Best practices around cadences for nurture programs; and
  • The new strategies and approaches marketers are taking to address the declining response rates.

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