2019 State Of Marketing Technology

Savvy Tech Buyers Relying More On Integration Capabilities To Connect Disparate Data For Complete Customer View

The marketing technology landscape is still growing at a rapid pace, leaving marketers to try and keep up with new software additions, integrations and acquisitions. The recently launched 2019 Marketing Technology Landscape “Supergraphic” revealed 7,040 marketing technologies on the market — up from 6,829 in 2018.

Integration capabilities have grown in importance over the past several years, so that they’re now driving a major focus for vendors to align data across a multitude of solutions and content assets, according to industry experts.

This special report will highlight buyers’ focus when purchasing new solutions for their tech stack. The report also includes in-depth use cases from practitioners such as Extreme Networks and Taulia, which have implemented diverse tech ecosystems within their business to better understand, engage and convert potential customers.

Other topics covered in this report include:

  • How tech integrations better position businesses to activate data/reporting for better assessment of business strategies;
  • Top priorities for B2B marketers’ martech stacks based on current business goals and objectives, including ABM and campaign monitoring tools;
  • New categories in the technology ecosystem, including content experience solutions and CDPs; and
  • How to prioritize best-fit tech solutions and build a plan to utilize them effectively.

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