2020 Marketing Measurement & Attribution Survey Report Benchmark Research Reveals B2B Brands Drilling Deeper Into Sales Specific & Account-Based Metrics

In this time of social distancing and economic uncertainty, it is more important than ever for B2B organizations to be smart and efficient with their marketing investments. Since many companies have had to pivot and shuffle budgets away from in-person events to digital channels, revenue teams are taking a much harder look at which investments are driving engagement and helping them stay in front of key accounts.

New benchmark research from Demand Gen Report revealed that a majority of marketers (40%) believe their ability to measure and analyze marketing performance and impact needs improvement. Yet, due to the increased desire to show marketing’s impact on pipeline and revenue and get actionable insights on buyer interests, enhancing their reporting abilities is a growing priority for 82% of respondents.

This report will share specific findings of the research paired with an in-depth analysis of what marketers are currently focusing on in terms of performance tracking and reporting, as well as their efforts to alleviate challenges, goals for improvement and measurement abilities around account-based marketing.

Topics covered will include:

  • What marketers are currently tracking/reporting, as well as continued plans for maturity;
  • Top metrics of focus in terms of campaign measurement, spearheaded by MQLs and SQLs, but showing an increased desire to shift to account engagement;
  • Key priorities and challenges around measuring ABM plays, including a desire to track conversion of engaged accounts to opportunity; and
  • Insights around attribution analysis and how marketers are measuring at different stages of the buyer journey.

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