2021 State Of ABM: Blending Traditional Demand Gen With ABM, Focusing On Intent Data & Personalization To Boost Engagement

While there’s no shortage of best practice claims for ABM, there’s plenty of certainty surrounding its success. Demand Gen Report’s 2020 ABM Benchmark Survey found that marketers who utilize ABM strategies have seen positive trends and results when using or reinventing their ABM strategies. Seventy three percent of respondents indicated that ABM has greatly exceeded their expectations, pointing to efficient use of marketing sources (53%), a clearer path to ROI (37%) and more trustworthy results (36%) as some of the major payoffs they’ve seen.

However, despite visible success, research shows that many companies are still hindered by a lack of internal resources, poor sales/marketing alignment, difficulty developing target account personas and identifying the accounts that are likely to purchase.

This report will address those challenges, provide actionable solutions and discuss:

  • How marketers are blending traditional demand gen strategies with an account-based approach;
  • How a Fortune 500 company saw 94% engagement increase with intent-driven ABM;
  • Methods to increase engagement with target accounts;
  • Best practices, missteps and a future look at ABM;
  • The advantages and limitations presented by intent data;
  • The six steps organizations can take to connect ABM to the buyer experience; and
  • How to personalize ABM functions at-scale.

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