2021 State Of Growth Marketing: Organizations Relying On Data, CX To Reconfigure Pricing, Identify Strongest Lead Gen Channels & Reduce Churn

To find marketing success in today’s digital-first world, organizations must focus on analyzing available data and deploying omnichannel strategies to unify the brand and ensure growth, specifically in content creation, sales metrics and the overall customer experience.

Growth marketing — also referred to by the less appealing term “growth hacking” — enhances the dynamics of demand generation by using data-driven insights to build upon and strengthen existing marketing campaigns.

However, growth marketing can’t live up to its full potential if internal teams remain siloed. A common goal must be identified for all teams to work toward, and there should be near constant communication to ensure experimental strategies remain on track and beneficial to the company. Throughout this report, we’ll cover:

  • The major role data plays throughout the experimentation process;
  • How to reconfigure revenue operations to experiment with pricing models and strategies;
  • The role customer marketing plays in growth marketing;
  • Methods of identifying churn rates;
  • How to evaluate current marketing initiatives to identify the most successful lead generation channels;
  • The importance of delivering an exceptional customer experience (CX).

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