2022 Marketing Platform Guide: Experts Sound Off On The New Role Of Technology

Over the past decade, marketing automation platforms (MAP) have become the center of most tech stacks and helped shape the behaviors and strategies of many B2B organizations. However, given the stronger emphasis on ABM programs and the shift toward more personalized segmented campaigns, the role and definition of marketing platforms has evolved.

We reached out to some of the top thought leaders in the martech space to break down the key features and functionalities that have been added to marketing automation platforms over the past few years and provide a look ahead to what applications are being added.
Specific topics the experts discussed include:

  • How the various types of marketing platforms available — such as email, advertising and conversational — are helping to achieve specific go-to-market goals;
  • How companies are determining the difference between “nice-to-have” platforms and those that are essential to successful outreach and engagement;
  • How different platforms are helping track and map buyer behavior so brands stay in front of key stakeholders at pivotal points in the journey;
  • Key considerations for integration as B2B organizations consider bringing together multiple applications; and
  • More!

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