2022 State Of Growth Marketing: Data-Centric, Experimental Approaches Influence Engagement, Conversion & Retainment Of Prospects/Customers

Modern growth marketers crave data to measure the impact of their outreach, identify and shore up weak points in their campaigns and promote their brand in creative ways. Growth marketing’s data-centric, experimental approach results in countless opportunities for companies to refine how they engage, convert and retain customers.

As brands use growth marketing to build and scale their customer base and pipeline through innovative, low-cost strategies, they’re experimenting with various tools to create new engagement opportunities. So, where are growth marketers investing? Gartner’s research found that marketers are channeling a budget-friendly focus to four areas: Go-to-market (GTM), sales force deployment, sales execution and analytics.

As organizations rely on growth marketing to promote long-term success with new, existing and future customers on a budget, this report will analyze the strategies marketers are experimenting with to promote growth. Specific topics of discussion include:

  • Attracting new prospects while keeping budgets and bandwidth in check;
  • Identifying opportunities to listen to customers through surveys and online polls to determine what tactics are resonating and which ones aren’t;
  • Repurposing various content formats; and
  • Analyzing the behavioral data of existing customers to roughly determine how prospects will respond to similar scenarios.


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