2022 State Of Sales Acceleration: Orgs Focused On Engaging Prospects On Their Own Terms & Embracing The Changing Buyer’s Journey

B2B buyers have officially moved into the driver’s seat when orchestrating purchases and researching vendors/solutions. With modern preferences for forming large buying committees, self-service journeys and content overload, sales teams are tasked with blending automation, content, analytics and resources in their strategies to deliver meaningful, personalized buyer engagements that increase deal velocity.

With an understanding of the tools needed and the best strategies of utilizing them, B2B sales reps and marketers are rising to the occasion by gaining a deeper understanding of their customers and how they want to buy. Throughout this report, we’ll examine the current state of sales acceleration by highlighting the key priorities for organizations in the new era of selling. Specific topics of discussion will include:

  • Key strategies for leveraging automation and behavioral signals to identify and target prospects most likely to convert, with a focus on the tools needed to streamline the process;
  • How to make the most out of marketing content for sales, with a focus on the top content formats that resonant best in each step of the buyer’s journey;
  • How to identify the needs of buying committees and supply relevant information that appeals to all members and encourages further action;
  • Actionable tips to building a strong sales and marketing partnership and provide relevant messaging at optimal times, as well as the importance of communication to identify and target in-market accounts; and
  • How sales teams can sharpen their focus on customer success and retention by adopting a buyer-centric sales approach.

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