2023 Channel Partner Marketing Benchmark Survey: Program Budgets, Planning Slightly More Cautious Than Projected Gains In Partner Attributed Revenue

Facing an economy that may or may not have dodged a recession bullet, channel ecosystem professionals are somewhat confident that significant gains in partner-attributed revenue

are possible. Almost 60% of respondents to the “2023 Channel Partner Marketing Benchmark Survey” anticipated that partner-generated revenue will climb more than 10% this year, while just under a quarter predicted gains of more than 20%.

Nonetheless, the anticipated sales gains haven’t kept channel leaders from being somewhat more prudent in how they budget for their channel programs. And most companies plan to be slightly less aggressive in expanding their channel ecosystems.

As companies strive to better engage current customers and prospects at every step of the buyer’s journey, this report will review data that suggests a more disciplined approach to channel program planning and operations in 2023. This includes:

  • Maintaining more manageable rosters to partners;
  • Adjusting programs to include and support non-transacting partners, such as referrers and influencers; and
  • Aligning channel partner marketing support activities with digital, self-service B2B buyers’ journeys

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