2023 Marketing Measurement & Attribution Survey: Orgs Focused On Generating Granular Insights To Increase Precision

The B2B world is operating in a bleak reality: Everyone’s budget got ripped up due to economic uncertainties, forcing practitioners to slim down their marketing plans. But to properly allocate budgets and resources, companies must take a hard look at their measurement and attribution strategies so they can increase the precision of their marketing activities.

With that in mind, new research from Demand Gen Report found that refining marketing measurement and reporting is a growing priority for 84% of practitioners. There’s a clear trend toward diving deeper into the returns each channel provides, and the desire to show marketing’s impact on revenue increased by 8%, placing the onus on marketing to generate solid insights into their efforts.

Throughout this survey report, we’ll analyze:

  • Organizations’ desires to track specific buyer activity across channels;
  • The key challenges businesses are facing with measurement and attribution;
  • The increased adoption of ABM measurement and the specific metrics practitioners are focusing on; and
  • Marketing’s goal of demonstrating outbound success as they contemplate investing in new tactics.

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