2023 State Of Direct Mail & Corporate Gifting: How Orgs Are Leveraging Tech To Enhance Gifting Experiences

As inboxes overflow and social media feeds become more saturated by the day, direct mail generates a 37% higher response rate than electronic mail. However, despite being a welcome break from the digital noise, it’s no longer enough to toss some stress balls in a box and call it a day.

Instead, practitioners are leveraging highly personalized sending strategies to generate deeper connections with customers and prospects, which adds a human touch to the generally sterile B2B buyer’s journey.

With the use of direct mail, B2B marketers can create more comprehensive and effective marketing campaigns that will help them achieve their business goals. This report will uncover the latest direct mail and gifting trends, including:

  • How marketers are turning to third-party providers to cleanse and append the data in their gifting campaigns to further personalize assets and drive more engagement;
  • The types of swag and sends that generate the highest response and conversion rates;
  • The tools and technologies practitioners are relying on to orchestrate their sending campaigns, personalize gifting experiences and track success; and
  • Strategies for leveraging direct mail gifting and swag to increase customer retention and drive more partner engagement.


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