2024 Demand Generation Benchmark Survey: The Renaissance Of ABM & Urgent Adoption Of Intent Data

Demand generation strategies are no longer just teetering on the precipice of change: They’re fully plummeting to the bottom of the ravine. While that metaphor might be a touch on the dramatic side, there’s no denying that practitioners need to reinvent their demand gen strategies as Chrome and other web browsers started the long-awaited phase-out of third-party cookies earlier this year.
With an eye on intent data and account-based experience, this survey report will uncover how marketers are striving to do “more with less.” As marketing departments have slightly larger budgets and more flexibility to spend them, this survey report will discuss:

  • How companies are approaching their brand building and demand generation efforts, with a focus on the top tools and strategies;
  • The prioritization of lead acquisition over the retention-based strategies of years past;
  • How organizations are leveraging intent data to inform their campaigns and inform their online advertisements;
  • The top priorities and emerging trends for B2B practitioners; and
  • An inside look at budgetary trends and allotment distributions.

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