2024 State Of Intent-Driven Strategies

Illuminating Account Insights Through First-Party Data & Intent Layering

Intent and signal data are nearly synonymous with B2B marketing, serving as the fuel to power hyper-personalized, highly targeted campaigns. But with concerns about data quality, cost, actionability and quality, it’s becoming even more important that marketers regulate their databases to ensure they’re delivering highly relevant outreach to their target audience.
If you factor in the impending privacy regulations that are set to change the way organizations can collect and leverage intent/signal data, it’s clear practitioners must refine their data collection and usage processes. Throughout this special report — which leverages exclusive insights from Demand Gen Report’s “2024 Database Strategies & Contact Acquisition Survey Report” — we’ll examine the current state of intent and signal data with a focus on:

  • The role AI and other technologies play in automating the intent/signal data collection and maintenance processes;
  • The top tools, solutions and platforms practitioners are utilizing to streamline their intent data collection and implementation;
  • The role of intent signals for guiding content and ABM strategies and identifying which assets/messaging would resonate best with each buyer/account; and
  • Real-world accounts of successful intent and signal data strategies.

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