2024 State Of Sales Acceleration: Driving Value Through Personalized Experiences & New Tech

The B2B industry underwent a profound transformation marked by the convergence of digital advancements, changing customer expectations and a globalized business environment. As organizations grapple with these shifts, the imperative to enhance sales acceleration strategies has emerged as a key driver for sustainable growth and competitiveness. With 73% of B2B organizations actively investing in sales acceleration initiatives, they’re focusing on strategizing and creating campaigns that actually deliver value to customers.

Cutting-edge technologies — such as artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics and automation — are playing an integral role in reshaping traditional sales methodologies. As sales teams strive to build lasting relationships in an era characterized by increased connectivity and information accessibility, this special report will outline:

  • The latest advancements and uses of predictive analytics, sales intelligence platforms and AI-powered coaching tools;
  • The focus on creating an integrated omnichannel strategy that delivers consistent messaging and personalized engagement at every stage of the buyer journey;
  • How to leverage data to segment audiences, create dynamic content and deliver personalized offers and recommendations;
  • Why sales teams are embracing AI-powered forecasting and lead scoring; and
  • How companies are empowering sales teams with social selling skills.

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