AI-Fueled Lookalike Modeling: An Enterprise Guide To Self-Tuning Campaigns

Gartner’s Innovation Insight: Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Marketing report predicts that in the next several years, AI will enable numerous marketing applications, including natural-language conversational experiences, real-time personalization and automatic content. Another practice that can benefit from AI is lookalike modeling, an emerging sales and marketing application whose value proposition is to put qualified leads into the funnel, while streamlining the B2B purchase journey.

Companies such as Oracle Bronto and CommCreative are using AI to help clients run self-tuning lead generation campaigns with lookalike modeling.

This guide explains lookalike modeling for lead generation and will discuss:

  • Why B2B marketers should reassess lead generation to boost conversion rates and campaign results;
  • The explosion of channel and content data driving the need for AI in lead gen;
  • How to replicate best customers with lookalike modeling;
  • A step-by-step guide to lookalike modeling; and
  • How to get started with lookalike modeling.

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