B2B Brands Blending Traditional Acquisition Strategies With More Targeted Engagement Approaches For Hybrid Model

ABM has long been moving past the hype cycle as a well-entrenched part of overall go-to-market strategy. Early adopters have also worked to take their ABM strategies to the next level with deeper intelligence and personalization on accounts.

“With the rise of ABM, we’ve seen so many clients pivot into ABM, which is wonderful,” said Bob Peterson, VP, Principal Analyst, Demand and Account-Based Marketing at Sirius Decisions/Forrester. “Our data shows that upwards of 93% of B2B organizations around the world intend to leverage account-based approach to support what they’re trying to accomplish.”

B2B organizations such as Bottomline Technologies, People.ai and OneNeck IT Solutions are relying on a blend of traditional demand generation tactics with ABM strategies to cater to their audiences and appease senior leadership.

This special report will uncover tips, best practices and use case examples of how an account-based approach is effective for businesses, teams and budgets of all shapes and sizes. Specifically, it will showcase:

  • How ABM strategies are now being blended into broader demand gen approaches to build trust with senior leadership and sales;
  • How to tackle an account-based approach by leveraging existing tools such as CRM, MAP and email;
  • Why new realities are causing organizations to rethink their current initiatives;
  • Why more companies are involving both marketing and sales into the execution of account-based programs — as well as demand gen and customer success teams;
  • How to leverage video in an ABM approach with a case study from Punch!; and
  • Tips and best practices on how practitioners can maximize their ability to execute and measure programs at scale.

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