B2B Buyer’s Survey: Economic Uncertainties Renew Buyers’ Focus On Price & Functionality

Despite all the turbulence taking place in the B2B industry, the one constant is practitioners’ needs to buy new products, technologies and solutions. As buyers navigate through a stormy economy, the “2023 B2B Buyer’s Behavior Survey” found that the two biggest factors practitioners are dealing with operate in direct contrast to each other. While most respondents (31%) indicated that they had to delay potential purchases due to budget freezes, 29% said they actually escalated some purchases due to changing business needs.

In other words, the buying landscape in 2023 is certainly uncertain. As buyers demand more hands-on engagement and attention from solution providers, it’s up to sales and marketing teams to work together to meet buyers wherever they are in their journey. To help practitioners better understand the current buying climate, this survey report will outline:

  • The key steps and processes buyers follow when making a purchasing decision, with insights into how their preferences have evolved over the past year;
  • How different generations participate in the buying process and what their preferences are;
  • The influence advertising and video have on buyers, with insights into the formats and channels that resonate most strongly with them;
  • The average B2B buying timeline; and
  • How the need to “do more with less” is impacting buying decisions across the board.

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