Building Better Experiences: Why Audience-Centric Experiences Are Key To Better B2B Results

For several years, the buyer’s journey was gently shifting toward a self-service model. In 2020, however, that gradual transition became an abrupt pivot as organizations raced to solve newly introduced complexities in an already complex process. The solution? Proactive, customer-centric buying experiences.

Placing buyers in the driver’s seat is key to refining digital-first marketing strategies, both pre- and post-purchase. Marketing teams that provide prospects with the messaging or solutions to self-educate will see the most success — but taking a customer-centric, experience-driven approach isn’t easy.

This E-book will outline tips, tricks and best practices for creating customer-centric marketing strategies. Specific areas of discussion include how to:

  • Realign content, delivery mechanisms and interactive elements to promote further action;
  • Identify buying signals;
  • Drive better buying experiences from acquisition to advocacy;
  • Create a cohesive, multi-layered experience throughout the buyer’s journey;
  • Understand how to create campaigns with an audience-centric approach; and
  • Analyze insight data and turn it into actionable engagements.

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