Demand Generation Benchmark Study: Quality Over Quantity Takes Center Stage For Demand Marketers

The 2020 Demand Generation Benchmark Study found a growing emphasis on improving conversion rates and moving the needle away from leads to revenue focused metrics. The research, conducted by Demand Gen Report, showed the top two priorities for marketing teams this year are:

  1. Improving conversion rates/campaign performance; and
  2. Focusing on lead quality over quantity.

To support this new focus on driving better pipeline performance, the strategies that support increased segmentation have moved up the priority ladder. According to the study, account-based marketing once again topped the list for increased budget prioritization this year, with personalization/customization also placing high on the list.

In the following report, we will explore the survey findings to examine trends in revenue goals, budget allocation, as well as the changing performance metrics marketing teams are being measured against. We will also evaluate which channels and engagement tactics have been performing best at specific stages of the funnel.

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