Demand Generation Benchmark Survey Report: B2B Orgs Laser-Focused On ABM & Content Marketing To Engage Audiences Virtually Via Traditional Channels


The events of 2020 turned most B2B organizations’ demand generation strategies on their heads, causing marketers to pivot and reallocate budgets to rely solely on digital engagement. But with a new year ahead, B2B marketing teams are taking the lessons they learned from 2020 and doubling down on what worked.

The 2021 Demand Generation Benchmark Study revealed that B2B demand teams are slowly but surely moving away from a leads-driven mindset to focus on opportunities and revenue generated.

Overall, B2B organizations are placing their bets on ABM, with increased activity in testing and deploying ABM strategies, improving marketing and sales alignment, targeting the right stakeholders and ensuring content resonates with target audiences. In fact, when asked which strategies are seeing increased budget prioritization in 2021, a majority of respondents(61%) cited account-based marketing, following by content marketing (60%).

In the following report, we will explore the survey findings to spotlight currents trends in how B2B organizations are supporting aggressive growth plans and where budget priorities lie. We will also examine the top content formats, channels and engagement tactics fueling key stages of the funnel and beyond.


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